Others in residence at OHR House

FireCloud is an independent organisation building Catholic faith through imaginative community education.

Faithfully Catholic in its ethos and apostolate, FireCloud engages with people of all generations and backgrounds whether from a faith background or not, and has done so, now, for over ten years. Based in the house since 2013, FireCloud has a prayerful, faith filled presence which is demonstrated in its reach and impact.

The community choir, Big Happy Noise and its acapella group Gracefull, are typical of its impact in the lives of young and old alike. The Hope Kitchen, which offers the opportunity for people of all ages to come together in a café environment and share faith, experience and joy coupled with food and live music, is another initiative rooted in a desire to build community. The FireCloud Young Team is a group of young adults who support FireCloud initiatives with their talent and presence.

FireCloud, too, gives opportunity for its volunteers to express their talents creatively in different fields or to participate in admin or support services for FireCloud at OHR House.

For more information contact: enquiries@fire-cloud.org website: www.fire-cloud.org
St Margaret’s and OHR parishes Youth Project began in September 2015, building on a long tradition, in the parishes, of reaching out to young people. A decision was taken, then, actively to invest more heavily in Youth Ministry, employing a youth minister and assistant youth minister, and to begin to take advantage of the resources and methodology of Life Teen, in an effort to broaden and intensify our offering to our young people.

A relational ministry, this project begins by trying to build up better relations with our young people in P6 and P7 offering them opportunities for deeper prayer and the confronting the bigger questions of faith, preparing them, too, for the possibility of taking part in our Life Teen resourced Edge Program, which is already offered to our young people at S1, 2 & 3. Our Youth Ministers foster better and ongoing relations with older high school pupils, S4, 5 & 6, using the high school as a base for ongoing contact, friendship and spiritual development, liaising with the school RE department, taking part in school retreats and facilitating the Caritas Award – all of which allow a deeper relationship with the young people and ongoing invitations to a deeper expression of their faith. A support team of parishioners assists the Youth Ministers in delivering these groups and programs.

The youth music minister, with his team, leads and offers liturgical music for youth Masses and other youth liturgies and events.

A developing 18-30 age group of young people has emerged of 15-20 young people who have experienced retreats, days of recollection, pilgrimages and World Youth Day at Madrid and Krakow.

Using the tradition and resources of both parishes, the project is based at OHR House.

Contact: youthminister.ohrsm@gmail.com
St Margaret’s and OHR Mission Group is a parishes group, based at OHR House, that engages the parishes in support for the Mission by community based fundraising that strengthens our faith community here and confirms the bonds of faith with our brothers and sisters particularly in the Third World. We have supported projects in Malaysia, Nigeria and Pakistan, as well as donating to SCIAF, Missio and Mary’s Meals.

Contact: parishpriests@msn.com
Catholicism Series and Catholic Alpha are offered periodically at OHR House for groups of interested parishioners and others who come along. The meeting rooms, Oratory, audio visual, wi-fi and catering facilities make it ideal for such events presented in a prayerful, contemporary and comfortable setting.

Contact: parishpriests@msn.com